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Spray Tanning

LA Full Body Fast Tan                                        15 minutes                                                         £18.50

A safer and more convenient alternative to sunbathing, our tanning treatments are suitable for all skin types, both men and women. Spray tanning gives the skin a sun-kissed look without the harmful ultravoilet rays.

Exfoliation and moisturisation of the skin is advised prior to spray tanning. Any waxing or shaving is advised at least 24-48 hours prior to having your tan.

LA Tanning solutions are fab tanning products designed to produce quick colour. We stock the very popular "LA Fast Tan" which begins developing in as little as 3 hours - perfect for party emergencies!

St. Tropez Tan                                                  15 minutes                                                       £19.50

We offer three shades of the gorgeous St. Tropez Tan.  The popular "Classic", the luscious "Extra Dark" and the quickly developing "Express". Pick your tan shade on the day.


Your tan will be applied by a highly experienced therapist in a private room. We provide sticky feet & knickers if you would like to use them.